Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Storytelling and Commission - Script to Screen : New Story Idea

·         The happy children go to the fairground is theme park and play on the arcade machines able to win lots of gobstoppers which all the children eat too many bright coloured sweets that all of them get hyper and full of energy.

·          If the brain surgeon change into a villain maybe his villain plan is taking his special brain machine and steal the energy from the children because the machine will put all the children energy into the baddie brain surgeon taking the energy to make himself all powerful also he grown huge which then try to destroyed the fairground of the theme park along with the children are scream from the giant brain surgeon. The child become a hero into Doctor Spy Agent has he battle with the villain brain surgeon to try demolished him and the machine which then rain with gobstopper as well as making the children happy.

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  1. OK Dinesh,

    I think what you need to do now is start storyboarding, so that we can see how the action is going to happen. You should also think about starting to design your characters (brain surgeon and hero child), prop (brain machine and gobstopper dispenser)and basic environment (fairground). As far as the environment goes, I would stick with a sketchy background to give the impression of the fairground, rather than spend ages designing lots of rides etc. (Think about the iconic shapes of a big wheel and a rollercoaster for example)