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Space Oddities - Suspiria 1977

Movie Review

Figure 1- Movie poster
Suspiria (1977)was directed by Dario Argento with the written Dario Argento and Dari Nicolodi. It is Italian horror film as well as like all  horror movies with the same theme such as gore, violence, and insane killers. The story is about involving a young American ballet dancer who arrives at a dance academy in Germany where some horrendous murder have taken place. The film has a visually stunning that is using  different colours and terrified music to create some awesome atmospheric scene.

"Suspiria ( Celeste and Bells)" is the track that actually features narration. Keyboardist Claudio Simonetti chants non- grammatical nonsense about witches, while celesta and bells perform a subtle version of the main theme." (Biodrowsk 2008)

Figure 2 - Still images

The set design of the film are basic colours along with  the main colour is red. The red  shows that is very strong which often  used to signify a dangerous area  to beware when a character is put in a situation that could be life threatening with very simple and huge shapes as well as hint of blues. The blue area shows that are often suggested to be calmer and less dangerous. They are other colours such as green and yellow rarely used colours in the film that sometime appears in Suzy's room with the green colour show up.

"In the end, however, it is not enough to sustain Suspiria through its many slow scenes. The result is a film of highs and lows, worth  seeing for it bravura style but falling short of the critical mass that would achieve masterpiece status." (Biodrowsk 2008)

This leads to several other murder all done in a particular ways such as her friend and ex-student was murdered by seeing the windows or mirrors. It felt that there was secret passenger through the whole building letting the murder found to his victims easily.

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Figure 1- Movie poster
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Figure 2- Still image
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