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Cutting Edges 1: 'La Jetée (1962)' Film Review

Figure 1: Movie poster
La Jette (1962)was directed by Chris Marker is one the most influential, French science- fiction films and short film ever made as well as a series of still mages. The film is about a tale  of an unnamed  hero, who is haunted by an image from his childhood. It is set in a post- apocalyptic Paris, the main plot is of a prisoner chosen to go back through time in attempt to save the present.

It is about the one with the only thing you could called narration and  accompanied by the music, sound effect and voice-over narration. It contains only one brief shot of filmed motion  and one moment in which the camera appears to move along with pulling back from the opening still of the pier or observation deck at Pair Orly Airport. The narration sound effect and some mumbled German dialogue accompany a montage of still black- and white photographs by Jean Chiabaud at the various dramatic places to create the illusion of a moving picture.

Figure 2- Pair Orly Airport
La Jette feels not-only like a photo-roman but also like a photographed storyboard for a science fiction film.Terry Gilliam used La Jette as an inspiration for such film in 1995 the rather more frenetic 12 Monkeys and the qualities of La Jette lead to the viewer is consciously or otherwise to reappraise their conception of the nature with cinema and it relation to time and a motion.The film has a simply capture motion, photographing the moving object at the rate of twenty-four frame a second.(Romney 2007). "Although La Jette is a stunning example of graceful science- fiction drama, the film  really is an exploration of time and memory, and how these two things are perceived." (Melin 1983)


The subject matter of this film ( time travel) is interesting however the speed at which it is shot make it confusing so the viewer has to concentrate to understand.


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Figure 1- Movie Poster  
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Figure 2 - Pair Orly Airport
(Accessed 15th January 2016)

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