Wednesday, 20 January 2016

OGR Part 1 From Script to Screen

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  1. 21/01/16

    Hi Dinesh,

    Okay, I'm a bit confused and that's partly because I can't always understand what you're writing because of the structuring of your sentences and also because I think your idea isn't completely sorted out yet.

    So, we talked earlier this week about trying to think less obviously about your three components. I asked you to look at Inside Out and Fantastic Voyage as examples of films in which the interior of the human mind were imagined as environments. I gave you the idea of the human brain perhaps being like a fairground, and the idea too of the brain surgeon being very small and being able to enter it. Not quite sure then re. the gobstopper factory or the gobstopper villain, or really how your story begins or ends.

    You do sometimes hear of children you get things stuck up their noses:

    Maybe your brain surgeon is shrunk to retrieve a gobstopper from a child's nose, and he is shrunk down in order to do it? You might want to look at Osmosis Jones too for ideas in terms of turning the interior of the human body into fun environments?

    Perhaps another idea might be having the brain surgeon observing what happens in the brain when someone is on a rollercoaster and eating sweets; it could be story about a brain surgeon conducting experiments on people. In Monsters Inc, the concept is that 'screams create energy'. Maybe there's a brain surgeon who's figured out that you can make energy from fun - so when someone is at the fair or eating sweets, the brain surgeon 'collects' the pleasure from his victims? Maybe the brain surgeon in this way is a villain - maybe his evil plan is to suck all the happiness out of all the children, so he goes to funfairs and sweet shops with his special Brain machine, and steals all the 'fun' from the children, leaving them lifeless and grey? If this is the case, you'll need a character who can stop him, so maybe a child who is onto his scheme, and who, perhaps, uses loads of gobstoppers on the floor to stop him at the crucial moment?

    I think the important thing Dinesh is to have *more* ideas, perhaps inspired by some of the ideas above, and try to express them in a sort of 3 Act structure: so

    Act 1 (tell us what happens)
    Act 2 (tell us what happens then)
    Act 3 (tell us how the story ends)