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Space Oddities - Repulsion (1965)

Movie Review

Repulsion  (1965) was directed by Roman Polanski most brilliant films including a deeply disturbing, horribly powerful psychological thriller and a scary movie. The film is set in London during 1960's and it is about the horrors of someone with a severe mental illness also it is black and white movie with a girl Carol (Deneuve). The cinematography is great in this movie due to Catherine Deneuve as the young women is both sympathetic and terrifying.

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Carol is horrified by other men's because substantial fear of sexual relation in any from. At the began of the film she is a shy women when it comes to dating with any kind of relationship of a men such as when a gentlemen offer Carol for dinner the next evening and she fears form  men and she murdered him without any noise from actors,
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Figure 2 Soon the young women is left alone for a weekend when her sister and boyfriend go out of town. She starred at the crack in the ceiling she can see them growing. Figure 3 in the film they is a scene as her hallucination grow more intense and vivid  a man molesting her becomes repeated multiple times. A man hands literally emerge from the wall to claw and grasp her. In the credit to the relentless atmosphere of dread, this striking visual becomes a prefer metaphor for how terrifying Carol's world has come to reflect her poisoned inner- psychology.

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The choice of  the music and soundscape in the film is chosen carefully to make the audience feel uneasy deliberately. "It is also a haunting adumbration of a small but piercing human tragedy, and it is almost a perfect specimen of a very special cinema-sound technique." ( Crowther 1965)
The opening theme sounds are  unsettling with its monotonous tone and steady, slow rhythm with a banging of the drums and there is a faint drone going on the background adding to the overall sound. The sound of the ticking clock serves as an indicator  that something terrible is about to occur. Also Carol is aware of this and she waits in the terrible anticipation, before turning around to see her rapist in her bed.


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Figure 2- Still image
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