Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Script to Screen - Story Ideas 1-3

Story Ideas 1-3 

  • Brain Surgeon removes brains and replaces them with Gobstoppers.
  • The clowns in the circus who turn into a brain surgeon and transform all the animals with Gobstoppers.
  •  Brain Surgeon creates special Gobstopper that changes how you think It is moonlight as clown handing people gobstoppers at a fairground and see what happens.

1 comment:

  1. Ok Dinesh...
    So, even though your stories can be far-fetched, they still need to have a logic to them, and the objects (or characters) need to be important to the story.
    Story 1 for example
    - why is the surgeon replacing the brains with gobstoppers?
    Story 2
    - How/why are the clowns turning into brain surgeons, and why are they using gobstoppers to transform the animals?
    Story 3
    - why would a brain surgeon create a gobstopper? (He is not an inventor)

    Always ask yourself, 'could I replace the gobstopper/surgeon etc with something else, and it would still make sense?' So, at the moment, your idea of the surgeon replacing brains with gobstoppers, could easily be 'brain surgeon replaces brain with cauliflower' or 'replaces brain with tennis ball'... WHY is it important that the brains are replaced with gobstoppers and not something else?

    I actually like idea 1 the best, but I would need to know why he was doing it!