Wednesday, 28 October 2015

What If? Metropolis Research - Ernst Haeckel Art Forms of Nature in 1899

 Ernst Haeckel is a philosopher, professor, physician, naturalist, biologist and artist. The pinnacle of his work Art Forms of Nature began to publication in 1899 and still an astonishing record of life on earth. When his art and science combine something is sublime can come to pass. 

 Haeckel works  produced an illustrations that people could be taken in and understand the image that glowed with colour as well as brought the exotic and remote into the libraries of the world.  They were the culmination of decades of works for Haeckel a contemporary of Darwin and the work of the English naturalist although their ideas separate out with several important points. The 89th plate from the Art Forms of Nature and shows a variety of turtle species and it is from the leatherback at the top left to the common snapping turtle (bottom right) and he capture them from a marvelously. This was no attempt at photorealism, however how sea and land (seamlessly) merge in the picture.

The colour of the images looks like a seawater animals with different textures and pattern. I like his work because it very interesting  patterns with lots of detail drawing.

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