Saturday, 24 October 2015

Life Drawing - Research of The Artist Alberto Giacometti and Andrei Zadorin

Alberto Giacometti

The artist Alberto Giacometti  techniques is used are charcoal and pencil with lots of continuous lines  of the figures drawing. Then he added with chalks and pastel for the background. I think life drawing is hard and I need lots of practice to make it prefect drawing. Now I am getting better with shape and lines bending of the body.

I am compare both artist  have different variety style of techniques and various materials approach of their work.

Andrei Zadorin

The artist Andrei Zdorine adds an extra dimension to this aspect of his work by squencing still images to from a painting photographic series and using the medium of oil paint his image choices with extra power and emotional weight. I like it because it show  more stand up and dynamic. 

Colour Palette
I made colour palette layout that showing I have used water colour paint and tracing paper to show different types of  paint colours sample of the two artist above I have research.

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