Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Invisible Cities - Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 09/10/2015

    Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for being patient. Okay, well I think I need to really honest with you from the beginning. There is something undeniably child-like about your thumbnails - and many of them have real charm because of that quality. There is a naiveté about your drawing - and an innocence - but I'm going to say too that I think you're actually struggling a bit in terms of thinking about these cities conceptually (i.e. thinking about issues of production design and visual concepts, by which I mean the difference between drawing something and designing something).

    There is something too simple about the way you're seeing these cities - particularly Anastasia, which is actually a very challenging city, because it's not overly described, but it represents a contrast between beauty and slavery. I've just left some feedback on another Anastasia choice, and I'm going to share it with you too:

    What I want you to notice about the feedback here is the way in which I've taken some of the key terms in the description (for example the types of rock that Calvino references) and from them gone on to suggest some other avenues of research to create a more specific response to the city itself. I think you're drawing very much from your mind's eye and it does mean that most of your thumbnails actually look the same and it is difficult to see differences between your cities.

    Your 'mission statement' is actually very general: what I'd like to see you do now, Dinesh, is go a bit deeper into your chosen city and show me your design ideas; so *why* do your buildings look the way they dom and *how* can you show the two sides of the city's character?

    I'd recommend too that you stop drawing, and try using Photoshop more creatively, as Jordan would have shown you - so by layering elements together, for example. As I've suggested before, I think the way you are drawing is making it hard for you to create more sophisticated results. I think you need to change your method of representation and move more confidently into digital workflow.