Monday, 21 September 2015

Invisible Cities Thumbnails 1-9

This my sketches version of 'Invisible Cities' that pop out to me by taken some inspiration from it. 


  1. Hey Dinesh,

    You might want to try changing the shape of your 'boxes' - as the tall square shape is making everything look very 'squeezed' - try working at 16:9 aspect ratio or wider - as this is give you the chance to create more 'panoramic' compositions:

  2. Hi Dinesh,

    It's great to see your first thumbnails appearing - well done :) Try and think what it is from the descriptions that makes each city unique, so that you don't end up with lots of generic skyscraper skylines. Also, as Phil says, go for the 16:9 ratio.... I'm not sure if you have made a template as I suggested, but I think possibly you have mis-measured, as they look a bit too square... try 8 x 4.5cm. Also, if you put them on their side, you will get a panoramic view, instead of the upright, portrait one you have at the moment. Keep going! :)