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Cutting Edges: The Wicker Man (1973)

Figure 1 - Film Poster
The Wicker Man (1973) was directed by Robin Hardy and the film genres  are drama, mystery, classic and horror. The story follows the police Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) arrives on the small Scottish island of Summerisle who tries to investigate the disappearance of a young girl Rowan Morrison (Gerry Cowper).

However the main character reach the town and ask the residents about her but no one responses including the girl's mother (Irene Summer)  about the missing girl. Which he tries to find some clues for example her name was found in the school recorded.

This film is super creepy and messed up because of naked women dancing around the fire and public nudity sex. " The Willow song from The Wicker Man is a soundtrack in 1973. Britt Ekland  as Willow who sings it nude in her room, and trying to seduce the main character in the next room".(Opalstardream 2014)

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The May Pole Song in (figure 2) from The Wicker Man is a upbeat song showing expresses, symbiosis and the interdependence of life. "Composed, arranged and recorded by Paul Giovanni and Magnet, The Wicker Man soundtrack contains folk songs performed by characters in the film (including some by members of the cast). For example, Lesley Mackie, who plays the character of Daisy in the film, sings the opening song, and various others in the CD Soundtrack." (Froster 2008). An enchanting soundtrack is blending marvellously into 'The Wicker Man' which shows the viewer into false sense of security.

Figure 3 - Still image

Near the end of scene in (figure 3) it shows that he found the young girl  Rowan Morrison and trying to escape from the other members but the hero was tricked from the character Lord Summerisle played by Christopher Lee and he ended up burned to death in The Wicker Man. "(Christopher Lee). The officer's unease intensifies as he continues his investigation, slowly coming to fear that the girl's disappearance may be linked in a particularly horrifying manner to an upcoming public festival. Anthony Shaffer's meticulously crafted screenplay creates a thoroughly convincing alternative society, building tension through slow discovery and indirect suggestion and making the terrifying climax all the more effective." (Rottentomatoes)


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  1. Hi Dinesh,

    Good that you have touched on the use of the folksy music to lull the audience into a false sense of security :)

    Couple of other things - I think you need an addition in your opening paragraph. You say the policeman '...tries to investigate a young girl Rowan Morrison.' You need to have something like '...who tries to investigate the disappearance of a young girl Rowan Morrison', otherwise it sounds as though she is still there and has done something wrong.

    Your final paragraph is a little garbled, and could do with a bit more of an explanation as to how the policeman was sacrificed, and say he was 'trying to escape from the other members but the hero was tricked from the character Lord Summarise as Christopher Lee and he was dead. "(Christopher Lee).' (The Lord is actually called Lord Summerisle) Just saying that 'he was dead' misses the whole point of him being used as part of the ritual.