Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Online Greenlight Review- Fantastic Voyage

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  1. OGR 04/03/2016

    Evening Dinesh - okay, so the BIG challenge in terms of your decision to put your animation into a waiting room is that, most likely, it will be played with the sound turned off (or at least very low), so whatever you do, it will need to communicate to audiences very plainly and entertainingly - even though there is no sound to help. Obviously, you can include and work with sound for the benefit of the submission, but you'll need to design it in such a way as it works with the sound off too.

    Your bacteria and antibiotic thumbnails are super simple, and I'm really pushing you in this unit to get stuck into actually designing something and work up your designs in an imaginative way. Your other big challenge is going to be using text imaginatively - otherwise your animation might feel a little bit like a Powerpoint presentation.

    You should familiarise yourself with infographics - animations that make dynamic use of motion graphics and text: here are some examples of infographics for your reference:

    What I'd like to see you try is to respond to a particular style or reference, as opposed to just drawing automatically 'from your head'. Some of the weaknesses of your previous submissions derive from the fact that your drawings down seem to take influence from other sources, and this is keeping your work a bit stuck. In terms of your 'waiting room' audience, the imagery wants to be bold and simple and easily understood, so perhaps you should look at artists and designers who work in this way: some references for you:

    What these artists have in common is the way they simplify complex elements into bold, attractive designs, and perhaps you need to think in this way about the 'complexity' of the scenario you want to describe?