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Cutting Edges: The Six Sense (1999)

The Six Sense (1999)  was directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film genres  are drama, mystery and thriller. The story follows a young boy named Cole (Haley Joel Osment) and a child psychologist Malcolm, ( Bruce Willis). "This film came out 17 years ago, and it is still contains the greatest twist ending since its released." (Howard 2014). As the film begins for the first-time viewer had no ideas that Dr. Malcom Crowe (Bruce Willis) was dead until the last scene.

Figure 1 - Flim poster

The music in the film is brilliant.  The sound effect used in some emotional scenes in the movie really helps to build up the mood and suits the scenes perfectly."James Newton Howard's The Sixth Sense is a nigh-perfect example of superior craftsmanship". (Barry 10/5/2003). The music in opening credit can be described as tense, sad and mysterious. Through the music the viewer is informed that the film is a psychological thriller.

The young character (Haley Joel Osment) appears in most of the scenes. he acted very well in the film. he is particularly good in the hospital scene (figure 3) when he is dreams of dead people "There are fairly involved dialogue passages between Willis and Osment that require good timing, reactions and the ability to listen. Osment is more than equal to them." (Ebert 1999)

Figure 2 - Still image

Figure 3 - 'I see dead people'

The famous film scene (figure 3) shows that Cole is  in a hospital bed and he finally tells to Malcolm about the truth that he can see dead people. This is where he says: "I see dead people... Walking around like regular people. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dead... They're everywhere." ( Reilly 2014)

Many website  refer to colour symbolism used in the film. The colour red is used many times in the film showing in different scene such as red balloon. "When Cole wears a red jumper, the tent in Cole room, the door knob to the basement, the church door are bright red, Anna dress at the anniversary dinner and the red pen that Cole uses to scribble the voice of a ghost. Which warns the viewer red is both  danger and ghost." (Muse 2012)

Figure 4 - Cloe and Malcolm

In the film (figure 4) the camera shot is an important moment of  showing both characters supported visually when a POV shot emphasises Malcolm moving physically closer to Cole.
The singles become a two-shots and wider angles to a close-up and even extreme close-ups as more is revealed about the pair. (Figure 4) shows the unease of the boy communicating with the psychologist.


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Figure 1- Film poster
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Figure 2 - Still image
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Figure 3- 'I see dead people'
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Figure 4 - Cole and Malcolm
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