Tuesday, 3 November 2015

"What If Metropolis" OGR Part 1

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  1. OGR 04/11/2015

    Hi Dinesh,

    I need to be honest and say that reading your travelogue is a bit tricky, because not everything you describe is easy to understand. You begin by describing an underwater city - and certainly, I can see how this would be a fascinating situation for your metropolis. I think, however, this isn't the city you're describing, as later your describe tower blocks and gardens and a theme park, but there are also boats and ships. I think the interesting ideas in here are those where you talk about theme park-style places - and why? Well the interesting thing about Haeckel was that, even though he was trying to draw things in nature, he made them 'more' than nature, which is something you see happen in theme parks - where things are made brighter, bigger and more exaggerated in life.

    Perhaps a key design idea for your city is that everything in it is a bit more 'over the top' and brightly coloured; perhaps there is a level of artificiality about the buildings - everything is perhaps very tidy and polished and a bit 'hyper-real'?

    A bit like this:


    Your thumbnails are at an early stage, and your latest ones are more architectural for being simpler.

    In summary, in regards to focusing your city concept further, perhaps focus on the fact that Haeckel like to 'perfect' and 'polish' his natural forms, and make them even more decorative and impressive than they appear in life. This is something you see happen in theme parks, because the designers want the experience to be 'more real than real' for the visitors. Theme parks tend to make use of exaggerated architecture and play with scale and colour. If Haeckel were designing a city, might he also be tempted to make everything a bit 'bigger than life?'

    You will need to re-write your travelogue too as your idea develops - but also, Dinesh, you need to ensure that others can understand what you're writing without so much difficulty.